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  • 出版日:2011/01/13
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  • English Skills features John Langan's trademark crystal-clear explanations, along with his range of motivating activities and writing assignments that reinforce the four bases of effective writing: unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills. The new edition adds a variety of exciting new features to John Langan's proven approach, and reinstates much-requested material from previous editions.

    Here is a list of what is new in the tenth edition of English Skills:

    ‧The discussion of both purpose and audience in relation to the writing of paragraphs and essays has been extended.
    ‧Coverage of the writing process has been expanded and revised.
    ‧More writing samples illustrating expository and argumentative approaches have been included.
    ‧Several of the writing assignments at the end of the chapters in Parts 1, 2, and 3 ask students to discuss issues beyond those that are purely personal in nature.
    ‧The chapter covering the writing of a full essay has been expanded to stress the importance of audience analysis.
    ‧The chapter on using the library and Internet has been updated and expanded, especially in terms of evaluating both print and electronic sources.
    ‧The discussion of the principles of researching and note taking has been expanded. It also provides extensive coverage of ways to spot and avoid unintentional plagiarism.
    ‧The explanations of how to include and cite researched materials have been expanded, and the text has been revised to include the most recent changes in MLA documentation style.
    ‧The sample research paper has been updated to reflect students' more frequent use of electronic sources and to reflect the new MLA documentation formats. In addition, the section entitled "Model Entries for a List of Works Cited' has been expanded and updated.
    ‧In part 5, "Handbook of Sentence Skills," many of the in-text examples as well as the activity and review-test items use materials from a variety of academic disciplines as their subjects. The same is true for several of the paragraph-length samples and editing assignments.


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