Designing Bots ― Creating Conversational Experiences
Designing Bots ― Creating Conversational Experiences
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  • From Alexa to Siri and from Slack bots to SMS and email bots, we rely more and more on software-driven conversational apps. In this practical guide, author Amir Shevat shows you how to design and build great conversational experiences and delightful bots that makes people’s life more fun and productive.

    You’ll explore several real-world bot examples to understand what works and what doesn’t, and learn practical design patterns for your own bot-building toolbox. This book is ideal for beginners and intermediate designers, as well as senior professionals exploring the conversational user experience paradigm. No coding experience or prior knowledge of conversational UI is required.

    • Learn what bots are, and understand bot types and major components that compose a bot
    • Explore different use-cases of bots and best practices around these use cases
    • Examine real-life examples and learn from their experience
    • Understand the bot anatomy (Onboarding, Notifications, Conversations, Advance UI controls) and their associated design patterns
    • Prototype your own first bot and experiment with user feedback
  • Amir Shevat is the head of developer relations in Slack, working with bot developers and designers. Previously Amir managed Google Startup outreach program, helping developers around the world design and build better products. Amir has also created a product design course in Udacity, teaching product managers, designers & developers how to build products users love. Amir is the co-lead of the botness community where bot platform leads and bot developers share best practices.