Torticollis: Differential Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment, Surgical Management and Bracing
Torticollis: Differential Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment, Surgical Management and Bracing
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  • Torticollis: Differential Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment, Surgical Management and Bracing fulfills a need, long overdue. To provide pediatric physicians, orthopedists, surgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and family physicians with a systematic approach to the assessment and treatment of congenital muscular torticollis, this important guidebook gives you vital information on torticollis and its impact on the growth and development of children. Underscoring the importance of early intervention, Torticollis covers the differential diagnosis of this disorder, its conservative management, the advantages of a team approach to management, the selection of appropriate treatment techniques and pathways, and the relationship between torticollis posture and development of postural control and balance.

    From pages packed with useful information and amply illustrated, you will learn about the various causes of torticollis, the guidelines for assessment and timing of treatment, the main goals of treatment intervention, and when surgery is necessary. Torticollis discusses the fabrication and use of custom-made neck collars to help resolve lateral head tilt and postoperative splinting. Through the book’s well-organized and clear discussions, you will also learn about:
    • conservative management outcome
    • surgical intervention
    • plagiocephaly
    • hemihypoplasia
    • ocular torticollis
    • evaluation guidelines
    • motor skill development
    • postural control and balance development
    • assessing neck range-of-motion and strength
    • manual therapy intervention
    • strengthening exercises in play
    • therapeutic handling and positioning
    • treatment pathways
    • exercises for posture education and midline control
    • home intervention exercises

      Torticollis teaches you how to detect torticollis early and differentiate nonmuscular torticollis etiology. You will also learn how to evaluate the entire musculoskeletal system, how to assess motor development, postural control, and balance, and how to develop an exercise treatment plan. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive overview of this disorder, the challenges it presents, the progress that has been made, the interventions that work, and the research that needs to be done!

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