Global Issues in Employee Benefits Law
Global Issues in Employee Benefits Law
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  • Like the other books in the Global Issues series, the aim of this book is to provide global materials that would either supplement an introductory course in employee benefits law or stand alone as an advance course on Global Issues in Employee Benefits. The book focuses on developing issues in international, comparative, and transnational employee benefits law. It is divided into four subject matter areas which practitioners of employee benefits law will need to become familiar with in order to thrive in our increasingly global economy and legal practice. These areas include: (1) sovereignty and jurisdictional issues involving the Employee Retire Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA); (2) public and private pension issues with emphasis on the trend toward privatization and defined contribution plans; (3) public and private healthcare issues surrounding national healthcare systems and private health insurance schemes; and (4) the intersection between employment discrimination laws throughout the world and global employee benefit law issues. Because of the relatively recent nature of these materials and the consequent lack of primary case law in the countries of origin, this book benefits from a number of foreign and domestic secondary sources which act as an introduction to the various types of pension and healthcare benefit plans that exist throughout the world. Nevertheless, where possible, there are also numerous cases, statutes, regulations, directives, and treaties, from around the world which give the student a taste of the variety of types of employee benefits material that exist and that they will likely encounter again in a global employee benefits practice. Although it would be an impossibility to survey every country in the world with an interesting pension or healthcare system, the authors have tried to pick representative countries to illustrate the employee benefit trends occurring throughout the world.

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