International Politics of the Asia Pacific: Since 1945
International Politics of the Asia Pacific: Since 1945
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  • 作者:Michael Yahuda
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  • This fully revised third edition of Michael Yahuda's extremely successful textbook brings the region fully up-to-date, introducing students to the international politics of the Asia-Pacific region since 1945. As well as assessing the post-Cold War uncertainties that challenged the balance and power within the region, Yahuda also examines the first decade of the new millennium which includes no let up on the 'war on terror', new political administrations in all the key player-states and increased cooperative security between some nations, polarized by volatile relationships between others. Analyzing politics in terms of global, regional and local trends, this new edition features:

    In-depth discussion of the Bush administration's legacy and where the Obama administration's vision takes their policy
    Analysis of post-Koizumi/post-Abe Japan
    Examination of the continued rise of China in terms of politics, security and economic dominance
    Ongoing debates concerning the 'war on terror' and how this shifts, forms and reforms relationships
    Asia-Pacific security issues
    This new third edition will continue to be a core text for students of Asian politics, international relations and Cold War history.
  • Michael Yahuda is Professor Emeritus of International Relations at the London School of Economics, UK and visiting scholar, the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, The Elliot School, George Washington University, USA.
  • Section 1: The Cold War, 1945–1989 Part 1: The International Politics of the Asia-Pacific Introduction 1. The Impact of the Cold War and the Struggles for Independence, 1945–1954 2. The Application of Bipolarity, 1954–1970 3. The Period of Tripolarity, 1971–1989 Part 2: The Policies of the Great Powers 4. The United States and the Asia-Pacific 5. The Soviet Union/Russia and the Asia-Pacific 6. China and the Asia-Pacific 7. Japan and the Asia-Pacific Section 2: The post-Cold War Period Part 1: The Era of American Pre-Eminence 8. From Unipolarity to Multipolarity 1991-2010 9. The United States: From the End of the Cold War to the War on Terrorism and Beyond 10. China: China’s Ascent to Global Economic Power and Political Influence 11. Japan: Coping with Relative Decline

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