Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Conifers
Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Conifers
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  • With contributions by internationally reputed researchers in the field, this book presents the implications of the genomic revolution for conifers—promoting a better understanding of the evolution of these organisms as well as new knowledge about the molecular basis of quantitative trait variation. Both of these discoveries play important roles in their domestication. Topics include cytogenetics, patterns of nucleotide diversity, genetic mapping, integration of molecular markers in breeding, transcriptomics, advances in proteomics and metabolomics in gymnosperms, and economic importance.
  • The Conifers (Pinophyta): David S. Gernandt et alEconomic Importance, Breeding Objectives and Achievements: T.J. Mullin et alCytogenetics: M. Nurul Islam-Faridi and C. Dana NelsonNeutral Patterns of Genetic Variation and Applications to Conservation in Conifer Apecies: Francesca Bagnoli et alGenetic Mapping in Conifers: Kermit Ritland et alPatterns of Nucleotide Diversity and Association Mapping: S.C. González-Martínez et alIntegration of Molecular Markers in Breeding: Rowland D. Burdon and Phillip L. WilcoxTranscriptomics: John J. Mackay and Jeffrey F.D. DeanRecent Advances in Proteomics and Metabolomics in Gymnosperms: Rebecca Dauwe et alToward the Conifer Genome Sequence: Michele Morgante and Emanuele De PaoliFuture Prospects: Jeffrey F.D. Dean

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