Pimsleur Conversational Swahili
Pimsleur Conversational Swahili
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  • About the Swahili Language

    • Swahili, also known as Kiswahili, is a Bantu language spoken by approximately 50 million people, of which approximately 2 million (some estimates are as high as 5 million) are native-speakers living mainly along the East African coast from Somalia to the North Africa coastline of Madagascar.
    • This course teaches Standard Swahili as spoken in and around Kenya.
    • Swahili is an official language in Kenya and Tanzania and is the considered the linga franca in much of East Africa. It is also spoken in Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa), Mayotte, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and the USA.
    • Written Swahili uses 24 letters from the Roman alphabet, excepting Q and X. The letter C is only used as a combination, making a “Ch” sound.

    Pimsleur's Conversational Swahili Program

    • Sixteen 30-minute lessons of spoken Swahili language learning (the first sixteen Units of Pimsleur's 30-Unit Swahili Comprehensive Program). .
    • This course replaces our original Compact Swahili with new and expanded vocabulary, scenarios, grammar and structures.
    • Essential grammar and vocabulary that teach you greetings, numbers, how to order food and drink, deal with currency, scheduling a meal or meeting and to give and ask for directions. Learn to speak with near-native pronunciation skills.
    • No mindless repetition! Converse with native speakers in natural (and useful!) conversations.
    • Easy, fast, fun and effective language acquisition.
    • No computer necessary! Unlike expensive software programs which tie learners to a computer, Pimsleur courses are available in CD or mp3 format to meet your needs.
    • Receive an instant credit of $150 to trade up from the Conversational to the full Level 1 Comprehensive CD course.

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