Saint-Emilion ─ The Chateaux, Winemakers, and Landscapes of Bordeaux's Famed Region
Saint-Emilion ─ The Chateaux, Winemakers, and Landscapes of Bordeaux's Famed Region
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  • Saint-Emilion invites readers into the homes of the winemakers who create some of the most popular and critically acclaimed wines in the world. The book features more than 70 legendary wineries, including Cheval Blanc, Grand Corbin, Angelus, and Magdeleine. Profiles describe the history, architecture, and wine of each chateau. In addition, interviews with the winemakers and a rich selection of photographs give readers a taste of the colorful environment where these superior wines are produced.

    Praise for Saint-Emilion:?

    “This is a very formal region in Bordeaux—perhaps that’s why I like it so much—and this book is filled with gorgeous photographs of gorgeous homes and famous chateaux like Cheval Blanc and Angelus.” Lettie Teague, Wall Street Journal?

    “A gorgeous tour of the diverse region where the great Cheval Blanc, Angelus, Ausone, and more are made.” —Newsday?

    “The accompanying interviews . . . literally bring the people who make some of the greatest wines in the world right to your fingertips.” —Washington Examiner

    “a beautiful treatment of one of the most beautiful regions in Bordeaux”
    The Wall Street Journal’s On Wine blog?

    “The photographs are so lovely that you almost smell the earth, the grapes, and the barrels.”
    France Magazine

    “The kind of volume that gives coffee-table—make that wine-cellar—books a good name.”
    ?—Daily Meal

  • Francois Querre is the author of several books on Bordeaux. Emmanuelle Ponsan-Dantin is a PR and communications manager specializing in the Bordeaux wine industry. Beatrice Massenet is a journalist and author. Guillaume de Laubier is a photographer who has worked for more than 16 years for Elle Decoration.


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