Cosmic Energy
Cosmic Energy
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  • Some people seem to lead a charmed life—they get what they want, they're in the right place at the right time, and even when they experience setbacks, they land on their feet. They're not just lucky—they're attuned to their cosmic energy.Renowned psychic Anne Jirsch teaches readers how to connect with the flow of the universe to dramatically improve their lives. Using current studies, client examples, and personal stories, she explains a variety of highly effective techniques, from visualization and manifesting to working with etheric energy and thought field therapy.Once the reader understands the basics of cosmic energy, Jirsch reveals how they can use the knowledge to improve their relationships, health, career, and finances.
  • Anne Jirsch (United Kingdom)is a psychic intuitive with an international following the includes heads of industry, politicians and celebrities. She pioneered the revolutionary Etheric Energy Technique and conducts workshops and classes. Visit her online at .

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