Matter and Form in Early Modern Science and Philosophy
Matter and Form in Early Modern Science and Philosophy
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  • This collection of nine essays reevaluates the demise of Aristotelian hylomorphism in the early modern period when the emerging scientific paradigm was shifting to a sense-as-instrument perspective. This is an important consideration for evaluating evidentiary in the natural and human science. They consider how "hylomorphism" as a term didn't itself play a role in early modern scientific and philosophical discourse, the shift toward a mechanical-physiological account of psychology, the synthesis of hylomorphism and Democritean atomism in biological generation, Aristotelian chemistry, formal causation, Descartes on atomism and individuation, Leibnitz on how "the spirit is a stomach," and more. The essays were originally produced for a CalTech conference on "The Temper of Evidence, from Antiquity through the 18th Century." For this reason, the text is not an introduction, but suited for those with some background in both Aristotelian and early-modern philosophy. The contributors are philosophy professors from around North America. Annotation c2012 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
  • Gideon Manning, Ph.D. (2006) in Philosophy, University of Chicago, is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the California Institute of Technology.

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