The Enemy ― Older Reader's Edition
The Enemy ― Older Reader's Edition
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  • Featuring a profound anti-war message, this moving and poetic meditation on the big questions in the tradition of The Little Prince is now available in the author's original edition for older readers

    There's a war on. We see something that looks like a desert. There are two holes. In the two holes are two soldiers. THEY ARE ENEMIES.

    So begins this extraordinary, highly contemporary picture book. Inspired by historical events, it speaks to adults, yet is also accessible to a child of primary school age. Set in a war not unlike World War I, the tale is narrated by one of the soldiers, who tells of his loneliness, deprivations, fears, irritations, and, finally, his resolve to end his part in the war. In exploring his own emotions about a conflict seemingly without end or reason, he comes to suspect his enemy is not the inhuman barbarian he has been warned about, but may just be a frightened, tired victim of propaganda like himself. The unforgettable artwork, which combines photographic collage, simple line drawings, and a masterful use of white space, will make this book a collectable for all those who admire illustrated books of the highest quality. Published in association with Amnesty International, this book is an ideal conversation starter about how conflict and violence can give way to peace, compassion, and understanding.

  • Davide Cali is one of Europe's most innovative and acclaimed writers for children. He is the author of more than 20 illustrated books, including 10 Little Insects, The Bear with the Sword, The Enemy: A Book About Peace, Mama Robot, and Santa's Suit. Serge Bloch has worked as an editorial illustrator for the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, as well as New York Magazine and Time. Cali and Bloch also collaborated on I Love Kissing You and I Can't Wait, which won France's prestigious Baobab Prize and was Honor Book in the ALA's Batchelder Award.

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