Lulu's Lunch (精裝操作書)
Lulu's Lunch (精裝操作書)
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  • Join Lulu on her exciting edible day as she discovers sticky honey, a banana to peel, a picnic box to unpack and a brilliant finale - a plate full of spaghetti!

    An action-packed activity book perfect for all toddlers, picky eaters or not. With robust tabs and novelty elements, Lulu's Lunch is an ideal mealtime accompaniment.

  • Formerly the Editorial Director of Campbell Books, Camilla Reid has many years' experience of conceiving and creating books for young readers. Now a mum of two small girls herself, she has gained a whole new insight into the peculiar but charmingly picky world of toddlers. Camilla lives in London.

    Writes Picture Books, Gift & Novelty

    Author of The Littlest Dinosaur and the Naughty Rock, Lulu's Loo, This is Lulu, Lulu's Lunch, Lulu's Christmas, Lulu's Clothes, Lulu's Shoes, Lulu Loves Nursery, Lulu Loves Colours, Lulu Loves Noises, Lulu Loves Shapes, Lulu Loves Numbers

  • ‘A glorious mix of clever novelties and toddler-friendly topics' –  The Bookseller

    ‘A gem of a book - full of fun and humour that toddlers will really enjoy' –  Creative Steps

    ‘A fantastic book'”–  Kidaround