Chianti Souls ― An Italian Love Story
Chianti Souls ― An Italian Love Story
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  • Chianti Souls is a magical tale of love, surprises and fate...set in the heart of Tuscany, in Chianti...home of legendary wine and passionate Italian souls. When artist Mary Sarto visits for the first time she unexpectedly becomes tangled in vines of timeless love after she meets Luca Rusconi at a fifteenth-century Chianti farmhouse. An inexplicable connection rattles them, as if their love story continues from another lifetime...but neither is looking for love. Mary is visiting Italy with her boyfriend Garrett Hansen, who promised a dream vacation, and Luca is recovering from a recently broken engagement with his Florentine girlfriend. When Garrett is forced to return home early to Philadelphia for a work crisis, she boldly stays alone, and Luca shows her an enchanting Italy not found in a tour book. After the week in Italy, her heart is torn between the two men while her head is clouded with misjudgment of both, complicated by lies and betrayal. It is only when Mary discovers secrets hidden in two mysterious keepsakes she found in Tuscany and Venice that her destiny is love is revealed.Chianti Souls is a debut novel by Karen Ross, and will have you dreaming of falling in love, and even better, magically falling in love in Italy... In this romantic travelogue, Karen gives you an insider's view of beautiful Tuscan hill towns and villages that she has visited, and then she weaves them into a passionate tale of timeless love.Dare to turn the page...

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