Hong Kong Tramways:Across the City, Across the Century
Hong Kong Tramways:Across the City, Across the Century
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  • 《香港電車:叮囑110年》英文版
    Be it the passing scenery,
    Or the collective memory that has always accompanied us,
    “Ding Ding” not only brings with it the road travelled by the Hong Kong people across the century,
    But also carries the traditional culture and the spirit of Hong Kong.

    The author has collected more than 200 precious photos and relevant literature
    To concisely and gently present the history of tram development And little known trivia on the production and anecdotes.
    Most of the photos in the book have never been published,
    Aiming to share with tram fans and like-minded friends
    On both the history of and the tenderness one gets from the love of trams.



  • Eric Tsun-lung Lee
    Lee was born as a Post-‘80s and a huge fan of trams. He has been in love with trams since young and devoted himself to conducting research on and collecting tram-related literature and photos from the past. Recently, he has established “Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast (Tram Friends)” to promote trams. Due to his deep understanding of the tram development in Hong Kong, Lee is often invited to press interviews, organize exhibitions, and speak at meetings of clubs and associations to share his rich knowledge of trams. At the end of 2013, Lee opened the first museum “Hong Kong Trams Station” at the Peak Galleria, sharing his comprehensive collection with the public.


  • Development of Trams in Hong Kong


    1900s-1920s Early Tram Service in Hong Kong  

    The Birth of Trams in Hong Kong

    Commencement of Tram Service

    Early Tram Style, Operation and Charges

    Trendy Mode of Transport


    1920s- 1930s The Development After Relocation of Headquarters to Hong Kong   

    Change of Ownership of Hong Kong Tramways

    Change of Tram Style

    Abortive Kowloon Tramway Proposal

    Operating Bus Service


    1940s Trams during Japanese Occupation    

    Japanese Occupation

    Post-Japanese Surrender


    1947-1950s Post-War Recovery Period    

    The fifth-generation tramcars

    North Point Terminus Commenced Service

    Causeway Bay Depot

    Reappearance of Tramcar Body Advertisements


    1960s Emergence of single deck trailer    

    Emergence of tramcars with Single Deck Trailers

    Identifying a Tramcar with a Decker

    Withdrawal of Tramcars with Single deck Trailers


    1970s–1980s Tram Reform Period    

    Acquisition by New Company and Reform

    Phasing Out of North West New Territories Tram System

    Second Tram Overturning Accident

    Second “Tram Killing Crisis” and Solution

    Large-Scale Tram Renovation

    Classic Trams

    Minor Amendments to Routes

    Massive Relocation” of Depots


    1990s Coastal Line Proposal Shelved   


    2000s–PRESENT Trams After Millennium    

    Millennium Trams

    Centenary of Trams in Hong Kong

    Changing Hands of Management

    Birth of Seventh-Generation Trams

    Carrying our Culture and Life Stories


    FUTURE  Facing Challenges Stepping into a New Era 

    What Should Be the Future of Trams in Hong Kong?

    Fierce and Competitive Operation Environment

    Drop in Patronage

    Hong Kong Trams are Outdated? Trams Abroad are Advanced!

    Is there any Rooms for Development of Trams?

    It Is Worth Thinking about the Past and the Future


    Trams with You & Me for a Centenary


    Appendix    Traction engineering