Beginners Guide to Bioinformatics for High Throughput Sequencing
Beginners Guide to Bioinformatics for High Throughput Sequencing
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  • Biologists find computing bewildering; yet they are expected to be able to process the voluminous data available from the machines they buy and the datasets that has accumulated in genomic databanks worldwide. It is now increasingly difficult for them to avoid dealing with large volumes of data, that goes beyond just doing manual programming.Most books in this realm are full of equations and complex code but this book gives a much gentler entry point particularly for biologists, with code snippets users can use to cut and paste, and run on their Linux or MacOSX operating system or cloud instance. It also provides a step by step installation instructions which they can easily follow. Those who are in the field of genome sequencing and already familiar with the procedures of analysis, may also find this book useful in closing some knowledge gaps.High throughput sequencing requires high throughput and high performance computing. This book provides a gentle entry to high throughput sequencing by dealing with simple skills which the average biologist is increasingly required to master. You will find this book a breeze to read, and some suggestions in this book maybe new to you, something you might want to try out.

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