Beer ― 150 Awesome Facts About Your Favorite Brew
Beer ― 150 Awesome Facts About Your Favorite Brew
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  • An epic collection of beer-related trivia for beer barons and lager lovers.

    An epic collection of beer-related trivia for hop heads, barflies, and lager lovers.

    Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. In fact, only water and tea are drunk more widely, with the biggest boozers being the Czechs, who put away a staggering 37.7 gallons of beer per capita each year. Impressive. Want to know more about all things beer? You’ve come to the right place, because inside you can discover over 150 fun facts about what goes into your pint glass, such as:
    • The world’s largest beer glass held over 500 gallons liters of beer, contained 3,664 pints, and was over 7 feet tall
    • Carlsberg created a suitably sizeable beer mat to match that beer glass; it measured 15 yards across
    • The world record for balancing pints of beer on your heads stands at 235 glasses
    • The fastest pint ever downed took 1.6 seconds

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