The Weight of Gold ― Winning Is Only the Beginning
The Weight of Gold ― Winning Is Only the Beginning
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  • Shaun White is not just the greatest and most famous snowboarder in the world, he's a cultural phenomenon known for an unstoppable drive to succeed. When he's not snowboarding, he's skateboarding. When he's not doing either of those, he's playing with his band or running the Air & Style festival or flipping houses. 
    Since he was born with a potentially fatal heart defect, and cautioned to take it easy, White has been unable to stay still, defying odds and breaking records.

    This is not a run-of-the-mill memoir. Shaun has never lived life by anyone else's formula or accepted anyone else’s rules. Now, he is ready to share every major lesson he's learned from the dominating career and improbable life that turned so-called extreme sports into mainstream sports. 
    He writes candidly about his early days traveling the world in a van with his family, what it took to be the youngest competitor at event after event, how he went from prodigy to Olympic gold medalist, and the ensuing struggles along the way that almost made him give up snowboarding. 
    He’ll show readers across all field—whether they are athletes, entrepreneurs, or creatives—the counter-intuitive principles that enabled him to overcome the odds and win, over and over, often at great personal cost. This is a book about the will to be the greatest, how to push yourself to the farthest limits of your abilities, and disprove anyone who tells you that you can’t.