Diffusion Phenomena ― Cases and Studies
Diffusion Phenomena ― Cases and Studies
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  • This text authoritative introduces basic aspects of diffusion phenomena and their methods of solution through physical examples. It emphasizes modeling and methodology, bridging the gap between physico-chemical statements of certain kinetic processes and their reduction to diffusion problems. Author Richard Ghez draws upon his experience in the areas of metallurgy and semiconductor technology to present physically significant examples that will prove of interest to a wide range of scientists—physicists, chemists, biologists, and applied mathematicians. Prerequisites include a year of calculus and a semester of thermodynamics.
    The opening chapter on the diffusion equation is succeeded by chapters on steady-state examples, diffusion under external forces, and simple time-dependent examples. An introduction to similarity is followed by explorations of surface rate limitations and segregation, a user's guide to the Laplace transform, and further time-dependent examples. This second edition includes new exercises, three new appendixes containing more advanced material, and a new chapter on surface rate limitation and segregation.
  • Richard Ghez worked for more than 20 years in IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center and has more recently been on the faculty of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Tachnion-Israel Institute of Technology at Haifa. He has served as an Editor for the Journal of Crystal Growth and is the author of approximately 100 scientific papers.

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