Makerspaces, Innovation and Science Education ― Why, How, and What For?
Makerspaces, Innovation and Science Education ― Why, How, and What For?
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  • While makerspaces have attracted much attention as innovative sites for learning, less attention has been placed on the curriculum purposes of making—what, exactly, should learning in makerspaces constitute, what ends ought it serve, and how should activities be structured towards these ends? In this book, Michael Tan and contributors respond to these problems from the perspective of the nature of producing scientific knowledge, the role of design in innovation, and the underappreciated distinction between the representative and performative aspects of the practice of science. This book updates the discussion of the role of schools as institutions ostensibly to serve the public good especially given the changed social circumstances and our ever increasing reliance on devices which most would consider articles of magic, given the general levels of ignorance of their working principles. While being of topical significance, this book will connect contemporary issues to classical problems of perennial importance. The ideas here will be of importance to graduate students and advanced undergraduates in science education who seek approaches to curriculum and instruction that draw from a wider and longer perspective to issues.


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