Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
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  • 作者:Alen Hadzovic
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  • Inorganic chemistry is a beautiful, rich, and exciting discipline, but it also has its challenges. This solutions manual for Inorganic Chemistry, Seventh Edition will prove invaluable in meeting those challenges. As you master each chapter in Inorganic Chemistry, having detailed solutions handy allows you to confirm your answers and develop your ability to think through the problem-solving process.

    Solutions Manual to Accompany Inorganic Chemistry, Seventh Edition features:

    Detailed, step-by-step solutions for each of this edition's self-tests and end-of-chapter exercises
    Numerous figures created specifically for the solutions, and not found in the main text
    References with the end-of-chapter exercises directing you to relevant sections of the textbook to review if the exercise proves challenging to you
    Guidelines for selected tutorial problems provide additional literature references for most of the chapters offering additional support

  • Alen Hadzovic, University of Toronto

    Alen Hadzovic is a lecturer in inorganic chemistry at the University of Toronto, Canada.

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