Mathematical Geoenergy ― Discovery, Depletion and Renewal
Mathematical Geoenergy ― Discovery, Depletion and Renewal
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  • A rigorous mathematical problem-solving framework for analyzing the Earth’s energy resources

    GeoEnergy encompasses the range of energy technologies and sources that interact with the geological subsurface. Fossil fuel availability studies have historically lacked concise modeling, tending instead toward heuristics and overly-complex processes. Mathematical GeoEnergy: Oil Discovery, Depletion and Renewal details leading-edge research based on a mathematically-oriented approach to geoenergy analysis.

    Volume highlights include:

    • Applies a formal mathematical framework to oil discovery, depletion, and analysis
    • Employs first-order applied physics modeling, decreasing computational resource requirements
    • Illustrates model interpolation and extrapolation to fill out missing or indeterminate data
    • Covers both stochastic and deterministic mathematical processes for historical analysis and prediction
    • Emphasizes the importance of up-to-date data, accessed through the companion website
    • Demonstrates the advantages of mathematical modeling over conventional heuristic and empirical approaches
    • Accurately analyzes the past and predicts the future of geoenergy depletion and renewal using models derived from observed production data

    Intuitive mathematical models and readily available algorithms make Mathematical GeoEnergy: Oil Discovery, Depletion and Renewal an insightful and invaluable resource for scientists and engineers using robust statistical and analytical tools applicable to oil discovery, reservoir sizing, dispersion, production models, reserve growth, and more.

  • Paul Pukite, BAE Systems, USA

    Dennis Coyne,, USA

    Daniel Challou, University of Minnesota, USA


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