Ezekiel Builds on His Mistakes ― Feeling Regret & Learning Wisdom
Ezekiel Builds on His Mistakes ― Feeling Regret & Learning Wisdom
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  • Have you ever made a mistake you wish you could wash away?

    Ezekiel is weighed down with regret, sinking in the seas of fear, anger, and over-thinking. He discovers that through forgiveness and forethought, even negative feelings can lay a firm foundation for the future.

    In Ezekiel Builds on His Mistakes, young readers will learn to understand regret and use the right thought patterns to turn mistakes into wisdom.

    Includes a Learn and Discuss guide for parents and teachers.

  • In her Real MVP Kids series of books for preschoolers and elementary students, Sophia Day interacts with children through a recipe of entertainment and inviting illustrations. She promotes healthy mentoring relationships by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to personally relate with their children. Her goal is to help inspire honorable character in young men and women to prepare them to become Real MVPsR and to live meaningful, responsible lives.

    Kayla Pearson studied elementary education at Liberty University and works with children through various youth programs in the United States and East Africa. Pearson devotes her time to making an impact in the lives of children, partially through writing books that inspire honorable character. She currently resides in Arizona.

    Timothy Zowada is the illustrator for many of the Real MVP Kids books. Zowada has an associate's degree in fine arts and has spent much of his life personally working with children. MVP Kids provides Zowada with the opportunity to use his skill as an artist to help kids learn and grow into responsible and mature adults. He currently resides in Arizona.

    For more on Sophia, Pearson, and Zowada, visit www.realMVPkids.com.


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