Amazingly Silly Signs ― The Mad, the Bad and the Weird
Amazingly Silly Signs ― The Mad, the Bad and the Weird
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  • The fourth in the popular series of silly signs books from Arcturus Publishing, this is another collection of daft directions, crazy commands, and weird warnings from around the world.

    Features 96 full-color pages of many never-before published signs with witty captions, including signs with askew instructions, wobbly sign-posts, absurd pictures, double meanings, and comic misspellings. Also includes instructions for reaching the "deformed man toilet," the "you can do it, we can help" restrooms, and the particularly useful "slip and fall down carefully" notice.

    Perfect for anyone who could use a good laugh!
  • Tim Glynne-Jones is a writer living in Reigate, Surrey. He was born in Malaya in 1965 where his dad was working as a teacher, but returned a year later to a country celebrating winning the World Cup. He grew up in Croydon and started school on a rainy day in 1969, wearing a blue trawlerman's outfit over his shorts and cap, something he still remembers vividly, along with the milk.


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