Visualising Multilingual Lives ― More Than Words
Visualising Multilingual Lives ― More Than Words
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  • This book uses rich visual data to investigate how multilinguals make sense of their use and knowledge of more than one language and to gain a better understanding of multilinguals and their lives. The topic is addressed as subjectively experienced and the book unites the current multilingual, narrative and visual turns in Applied Language Studies.
  • Paula Kalaja is Professor Emerita in the Department of Language and Communication Studies at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Her research interests lie in visual methodologies and foreign language learning and teaching, with a particular interest in beliefs, motivation and identities. She has published widely in the field and is co-author (with Ana Maria F. Barcelos, Mari Aro and Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty) of Beliefs, Agency and Identity in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (Palgrave, 2015). Silvia Melo-Pfeifer is Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Hamburg, Germany. She is also a member of CIDTFF (Research Centre ‘Didactics and Technology in Education of Trainers') at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Her research interests include plurilingual and intercultural (online) interaction, pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures, and heritage language education.

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