Conversations on the Digital Future of Museums ― Conversations on Change and Relevancy
Conversations on the Digital Future of Museums ― Conversations on Change and Relevancy
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  • What does a museum do, and who is a museum for, in these times of historically low public trust in institutions and uncertainty precipitated by rapidly evolving technological, political, economic, and social contexts? Providing an examination of the complex interplay between the museum, digital technologies, and the dynamic external pressures shaping and transforming the institutional context, The Digital Future of Museums argues that museums today can neither ignore the importance of digital technologies when engaging their communities, nor fail to address the broader social, economic, and cultural changes that shape their digital offerings.

    Drawing on moderated conversations with well-respected and influential museum practitioners, thinkers and experts in related fields around the globe, this book explores the role of digital technology in contemporary museum practice within Europe, the USA, Australasia and Asia. With conversations organised around three key themes, this book will present a mix of ideas, practices, strategies and reflections upon successful, and failed, projects and approaches grounded in cutting-edge contemporary practice that will help prepare today's museums for tomorrow.

    Culminating in a set of competing possible visions for the future of the museum sector and accompanied by videos and a podcast series, The Digital Future of Museums should be essential reading for museum studies students and those who teach or write about the museum sector. It should also be of great interest to those who work in, for, and with museums, as well as practitioners working in galleries, archives and libraries.

  • Keir Winesmith is the Head of Web and Digital Platforms at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in the USA.

    Susan Anderson is Assistant Professor of Museum Studies at The George Washington University in the USA.


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