China's Grand Strategy ― Weaving a New Silk Road to Global Primacy
China's Grand Strategy ― Weaving a New Silk Road to Global Primacy
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  • In the "Great Game" of the 21st century—gaining leadership and influence in Asia—the United States is rapidly being outflanked by China, which is investing in infrastructure, connectivity, and supply chains on an unprecedented global scale.

    • Explains the Belt and Road Initiative, including its historical roots, sources of funding and the financial and aid institutions being set up by China to subsidize and underwrite the projects

    • Describes in detail the most strategically important BRI projects, with the projects' scope, cost, and strategic impact

    • Evaluates the cultural, religious, and economic dangers of each of the key projects that China will have to overcome in order for the BRI to succeed

    • Suggests ways in which the United States might devise a grand strategy to live in the new world China is constructing and to maintain its standard of living

    • Draws from personal research and interviews with prominent Asian and American scholars, businessmen, military officials, and political experts

  • Sarwar A. Kashmeri is adjunct professor of political science and applied research fellow at the Peace and War Center, Norwich University, and a fellow of the Foreign Policy Association.


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