Library Volunteers ― A Practical Guide for Librarians
Library Volunteers ― A Practical Guide for Librarians
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  • This book helps the library get the most from volunteers, whether creating a program from scratch, or just refreshing what has been created for the library. It looks beyond the scope of the library to include information on partnering with community organizations to provide volunteer opportunities to library volunteers on a broader scale.
  • Allison Renner began volunteering as a child and has been amazed at the doors volunteering has opened for her. She volunteered with a non-profit organization, and her dedication led to creating their volunteer program from scratch. She volunteered at a library, which led to a position as the Teen Services Librarian of a large branch within the system. She volunteered as a blogger for YALSAblog, and after a year was appointed manager. Allison earned her master of library science from Texas Woman’s University. She is currently a MakerSpace Librarian at a Montessori school.

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