Memphis, Babylon, Cairo ― An Archaeology
Memphis, Babylon, Cairo ― An Archaeology
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  • This book explores the human past in Egypt’s ‘capital zone’: the nexus of social activity located at the junction of the Nile valley and the Nile delta, the archaeology of which is a template through time for the development of Nile valley civilization as a whole. Instead of a linear narrative, the volume takes a wider four-dimensional approach, considering ecology and climate change, the Nile regime and human response to it over time, the cognitive aspects of the environment; and instead of insisting on a compartmentalised division based on a dynasty-led system of time parcels, it argues for natural and social continuity in a broader context over 5000 years or more.

  • David Jeffreys is Senior Lecturer in Egyptian Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

    Ana Tavares is Joint Field Director (with Mohsen Kamel) for Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA).


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