Get the Funk Out! ― %^&* Happens, What to Do Next!
Get the Funk Out! ― %^&* Happens, What to Do Next!
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  • What if the worst thing that ever happened to you turned out the best thing that ever happened?

    Funk: a feeling of despair, uncertainty, depression, anxiety, and fear accompanied by thoughts such as "what do I do next?"

    While we are knee deep in the messiness of life, we often can’t see that the funk we are in is only temporary. Funks teach us an important life lesson or two; it’s what we learn from facing life’s challenging times that matter most, because once we find our way out of our funks, life will never be the same. And that’s where the great stuff begins.

    The only way through life’s funks is directly through the uncomfortable mess. Then we get to the good stuff. The stuff that teaches what we need to learn from that experience, what not to repeat, and possibly opens a bold, new path we never imagined. But how we deal with the many types of funks life has in store for us is key to long-term mental health and well-being.
  • Janeane Bernstein is a writer, on-air personality, voice actress, and researcher. She earned a doctorate from Boston University and received degrees from Syracuse University. In 2011, she started “Get the Funk Out!” on KUCI 88.9 FM: UC Irvine after losing her childhood friend.

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