Nanoscale Electrochemistry of Molecular Contacts
Nanoscale Electrochemistry of Molecular Contacts
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  • This book discusses the merging of nanoscale electronics and electrochemistry and how this can potentially modernize the way electronic devices are currently engineered or constructed. It introduces the electrochemical capacitance as a fundamental missing concept that solves the puzzle between molecular electronics and electrochemistry at the nanoscale. The electrochemical capacitance, as a fundamental principle, is deduced from first principles quantum mechanics. The text also confirmed that faradaic and non-faradaic processes are only different physical approximations of the same sort of energetic phenomenon.The book comprises three chapters. Chapter one introduces the concepts of chemical capacitance, relaxation resistance, and the quantum resistive-capacitive circuit and demonstrates how these elements are translated to the electrochemistry context. In chapter two, the chemical capacitance, the fundamental concept and missing part of the puzzle that unity electronics and electrochemistry, is deduced from first principles of quantum mechanics. In chapter three, the concepts are practically used in different contexts that include molecular diagnostics, molecular conductance and super-capacitive phenomena is explained using the introduced basic principles.
  • Professor Paulo R. Bueno holds an MBA and Ph.D. in Theoretical Physical Chemistry. He is a research Director and Head of the Physical Chemistry Department at Sao Paulo State University in Brazil. His main academic interests are on applications of electric and electrochemical spectroscopic methods aiming at understanding the physical and chemistry fundaments related to electron transfer and energy storage at the nanoscale. He is a Research Fellow Director of the Royal Society of Chemistry and invited member of the American Chemical Society. Professor Bueno is also member of other scientific societies, such as the Electrochemical Society of Chemistry, the International Society of Electrochemistry and the Materials Research Society.


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