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A B SEE (1硬頁書+1CD)(韓國JY Books)880944844310161370429 11
A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes (1精裝+內附音檔網址)978075347490745570319 11
A House Is a House for Me (平裝本)978014240773828070196 10
A House Is a House for Me(1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895491098917570123 01
Ah, Music! (1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895490572517570123 01
Ah, Music! (平裝本)978006446236528070196 10
Amazing Machines Collection (10平裝+1CD 附書盒)97807534447642695x699 101
Balloonia (1平裝+1CD)978184643644449463311 11
Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? (英國版平裝本)978140635303738448184 10
Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? (CD) 97855500110102194599 01
Charlie Needs a Cloak (1CD)978155592902245360272 01
Charlie Needs a Cloak (平裝本)978067166467128070196 10
Commotion In The Ocean (平裝本)978184121101538463242 10
Counting Crocodiles (1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895490291517570123 01
Counting Crocodiles (平裝本)978015216356328070196 10
Daisy: Eat Your Peas (平裝本)978186230804638463242 10
Dougal's Deep-sea Diary (平裝本)978184011509338463242 10
Dr. Dog (1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895491205117570123 01
Dr. Dog (平裝本)978067988548128070196 10
Exclamation Mark (1CD only)978054566115745360272 01
Exclamation Mark (平裝本)978054563130326370184 10
Frederick and His Friends Four Favorite Fables (1精裝+ CD)978037582299587366576 11
Giraffes Can't Dance (1平裝+1CD)978054509738338570270 11
Green Eggs and Ham and Other Servings of Dr. Seuss (2CD 不附書)978080721992870070490 02
Handa's Hen (平裝本)978076365361324570172 10
How Do Dinosaurs? Limited Collector's Edition (4平裝+4CD)9780545613361119066785 44
I Am Not Going to Get Up Today! (精裝本)978039489217735070245 10
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut978039483912735070245 10
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (精裝本)978006028324763070441 10
If You Give a Moose a Muffin (1精裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books)880944844248774470521 11
LMNO Peas (1平裝+1CD)978153441844835070245 01
Love You Forever (1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895490226717570123 01
Love You Forever (平裝本)978092066837520870146 10
Madeline's Christmas (平裝本)978014056650531570221 11
Madeline's Rescue (1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895492043817570123 01
Madeline's Rescue Story and Pictures978014056651231570221 10
Magic Shoelaces (1平裝+1CD)978184643643749463311 11
Meerkat Mail (平裝本)97815098361304396327710
Miss Nelson Has a Field Day (1平裝+1CD)978054775376838570270 11
Miss Nelson Is Back (1平裝+1CD)978054757718038570270 11
Mouse Cookies & More A Treasury (精裝4個故事+1CD)9780061137631875x499 11
Mr Gumpy's Motor Car (1 CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895490228117570123 01
Mr Gumpy's Motor Car (平裝本)978009941795843963277 10
Mr Gumpy's Outing (1 CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895490224317570123 01
Mr Gumpy's Outing (平裝本)978080501315328070196 10
Mummy Laid an Egg (1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895491212917570123 01
Mummy Laid An Egg! (平裝本)978009929911043963277 10
Mushroom in the Rain (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books)978895491250161370429 11
Oh Say Can You Say?978039484255435070245 10
Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!978039483129935070245 10
One Gorilla (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books) Saypen Edition978193639640552570368 11
Owl Moon (1CD only)978155592920645360272 01
Owl Moon (精裝本)978039921457863060378 10
Port Side Pirates (1平裝+1CD)978184686667835070245 11
Presto Change-O (1平裝+1CD)978184643642049463311 11
Rumble in the Jungle (平裝本)978186039660138463242 10
Scaredy Cats (1平裝+1CD)978184643641349463311 11
Snow Storytime Set (1平裝+1CD)978142724370645570319 11
Stars! Stars! Stars! (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books) Saypen Edition978895492462752570368 11
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books)978991918331852570368 11
Ten, Nine, Eight978068810480128070196 10
Ten, Nine, Eight (1CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895578910217570123 01
The Carrot Seed978006443210828070196 10
The Carrot Seed (1 CD only)(韓國JY Books)978895490027017570123 01
The Caterpillar And The Polliwog (CD)978043972286545360272 01
The Caterpillar and the Polliwog (平裝本)978067166281328070196 10
The Man On The Moon (平裝本)978184011491138463242 10
The Musical Life of Gustav Mole (1平裝+1CD)978085953333149463311 11
The Story of Ferdinand978014050234328070196 10
Tooth Fairy (1平裝+1CD)978184643645149463311 11
Twenty-Four Robbers (1平裝+1CD)978184643646849463311 11
廖彩杏老師 用有聲書輕鬆聽出英語力 新書68978555001094530484ok191036546

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9780753474907A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes (1精裝+內附音檔網址) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第20週455
9780142407738A House Is a House for Me (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第29週280
9788954910989A House Is a House for Me(1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第29週175
9788954905725Ah, Music! (1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第30週175
9780064462365Ah, Music! (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第30週280
9780753444764Amazing Machines Collection (10平裝+1CD 附書盒) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第15-16週2695
9781846436444Balloonia (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第1週494
9781406353037Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? (英國版平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第7週384
9781555929022Charlie Needs a Cloak (1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第28週453
9780671664671Charlie Needs a Cloak (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第28週280
9781841211015Commotion In The Ocean (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第17週384
9788954902915Counting Crocodiles (1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第29週175
9780152163563Counting Crocodiles (平裝本)280
9781862308046Daisy: Eat Your Peas (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第3週384
9781840115093Dougal's Deep-sea Diary (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第8週384
9788954912051Dr. Dog (1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第29週175
9780679885481Dr. Dog (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第29週280
9780545661157Exclamation Mark (1CD only) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第27週453
9780545631303Exclamation Mark (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第27週263
9780375822995Frederick and His Friends ─ Four Favorite Fables (1精裝+ CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第27週873
9780545097383Giraffes Can't Dance (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第28週385
9780807219928Green Eggs and Ham and Other Servings of Dr. Seuss (2CD 不附書) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第20週700
9780763653613Handa's Hen (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第4週245
8809448442487If You Give a Moose a Muffin (1精裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第14週744
9788954902267Love You Forever (1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第3週175
9780920668375Love You Forever (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第3週243
9788954920438Madeline's Rescue (1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第10週175
9781846436437Magic Shoelaces (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第2週494
9781840114911Man On The Moon (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第8週384
9781509836130Meerkat Mail (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第28週439
9780547753768Miss Nelson Has a Field Day (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第22週385
9788954902281Mr Gumpy's Motor Car (1 CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第23週175
9780099417958Mr Gumpy's Motor Car (平裝本)439
9788954902243Mr Gumpy's Outing (1 CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第23週175
9780805013153Mr Gumpy's Outing (平裝本)280
9788954912129Mummy Laid an Egg (1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第29週175
9780099299110Mummy Laid An Egg! (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第29週439
9788954912501Mushroom in the Rain (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第27週613
9781936396405One Gorilla (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books版) Saypen Edition 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第4週525
9780399214578Owl Moon (精裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第3週630
9781846436420Presto Change-O (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第1週494
9781860396601Rumble in the Jungle (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第17週384
9781846436413Scaredy Cats (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第2週494
9781427243706Snow Storytime Set (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第4週455
9788954924627Stars! Stars! Stars! (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books版) Saypen Edition 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第8週525
9789919183318Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep (1平裝+1CD)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第7週525
9780688104801Ten, Nine, Eight280
9788955789102Ten, Nine, Eight (1CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第7週175
9780064432108The Carrot Seed280
9788954900270The Carrot Seed (1 CD only)(韓國JY Books版) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第4週175
9780439722865The Caterpillar And The Polliwog (CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第27週453
9780671662813The Caterpillar and the Polliwog (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第27週280
9781846436451Tooth Fairy (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第1週494
9781846436468Twenty-Four Robbers (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第2週494
9780547577180Miss Nelson Is Back (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第22週385
9780394892177I Am Not Going to Get Up Today! (精裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第20週350
9780394839127I Can Read With My Eyes Shut 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第20週350
9780394842554Oh Say Can You Say? 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第21週350
9780394831299Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第21週350
9780859533331The Musical Life of Gustav Mole (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第30週494
9780545613361How Do Dinosaurs? Limited Collector's Edition (4平裝+4CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第9週1190
9780061137631Mouse Cookies & More ─ A Treasury (精裝4個故事+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第46週875
9780060283247If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (精裝本)630
9785550011010Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? (單CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第7週219
9780140566512Madeline's Rescue ─ Story and Pictures315
9781534418448LMNO Peas (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第30週350
9780140566505Madeline's Christmas (平裝本) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第10週315
9780140502343The Story of Ferdinand280
9781846866678Port Side Pirates (1平裝+1CD) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第10週350
9781555929206Owl Moon (1CD only) 廖彩杏老師推薦有聲書第2年第3週453