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Quack, moo and neigh along to this riotous cumulative song that features animals of all shapes and sizes. Inspired by a folk tale from Chile, this classic Barefoot Books singalong story introduces children to animals and their babies, and teaches how to count up to 16 in multiples of 2.

Margaret Read MacDonald has been described by School Library Journal as "a grand dame of storytelling." She has traveled the world on storytelling tours, has written over thirty books and has a Ph.D. in folklore from Indiana University. A Fulbright Scholar, Margaret has been a children's librarian since 1965 and has taught storytelling at the University of Washington.

Known for her exuberant illustrations, Sophie Fatus is a French artist who lives and works in Florence, Italy. She has illustrated a number of other top-selling products for Barefoot Books, including the Yoga Pretzels activity deck (2005) and the follow-up picture book My Daddy is a Pretzel (2012). She is also the illustrator of the Global Kids: 50+ Games, Crafts, Recipes & More from Around the World activity deck (Barefoot Books, 2019).

Canadian folk singer Bob King has played backup for country singer greats like Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins, but is perhaps better known for his playful folk songs for children, such as "Sandwiches are Beautiful," and his 2015 YouTube music video "Snow Shoveling Man."