The Changing Faces of the Middle Classes in Asia-Pacific
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Part I  Overview  
1. Prioritizing the Middle Classes Research in Asia-Pacific Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
2. Globalization and the Asian Middle Classes Hagen Koo
3. Historical Formation, Transformation, and the Future Trajectory of 
Middle Classes in Asia-Pacific
Alvin Y. So
Part II  East Asia  
4. Research on the East Asian Middle Classes: Some Hong Kong Reflections Tai-Lok Lui
5. Reflections on the Studies of the Middle Classes in Japan: 
Searching for a New Perspective
Yoshimichi Sato
6. The Korean Middle Classes Since 1990: Impact of the Economic Crisis in 1997 Jonghoe Yang
7. The Korean Middle Classes in the New Millennium: Class and Generation Jonghoe Yang
Part III Southeast Asia
8. Between Optimism, Contestation and Caution: 
The Second Generation Middle Classes in Malaysia
Abdul Rahman Embong
9. Malaysian Middle Classes Studies: A New Research Agenda Abdul Rahman Embong
10. Beyond the EDSA Revolts: 
The Middle Classes in Contemporary Philippines Development and Politics
Cynthia Bautista
11. Preliminary Thoughts on a Research Agenda for the Philippines Middle Classes Cynthia Bautista