The Frontiers of Southeast Asia and Pacific Studies
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Part I: Reapproaching Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia

1. The Chinese of Ho Chi Minh City: Enriching or Surviving?╱Michel Dolinski

2. Transnational Marriage and Social Reproduction: Comparing Vietnamese and European Spouses in Taiwan╱Chyong-Fang Ko and Han-Pi Chang

3. Invisible Warriors: The Migrant Yunnanese Women in Northern Thailand╱Wen-Chin Chang

4. The Malaysian Chinese Discourse of Islam: A Study of the Politics of Cultural Identity╱Yuan-Lin Tsai

Part II: Manifesting Religions in Southeast Asia

5. The Catholics Nuns in Vietnam: From the Religious Age to the Ideological Age╱Alain Guillemin and Laurent Dartigues

6. Transformed Elements in the Layout of Confucian Temples in China, Vietnam and Taiwan╱Lan-Shiang Huang

7. Baphuon: A Crucial Foundation for Angkor Wat╱Chih-Hung Yen

8. Bhineka Tunggal Ika: Syncretism of Religious Music Culture in Central Java, Indonesia╱Tsung-Te Tsai

9. Arduous and Hazardous Hajj for the Indonesian Pilgrims╱Laurence Husson

Part III: Rethinking “Tradition” in Pacific Islands

10. Inventing Tradition: Building Links to the Past and Rooting Them in History╱Francoise Douaire-Marsaudon

11. “Making Money”: Objects, Productions, and Performances of Shell Money Manufacture in Langalanga, Solomon Islands╱Pei-Yi Guo

12. Fishing Contests in Raiatea (French Polynesia): Chance and Reciprocity in the Local Sphere╱Anne-Christine Tremon

13. Boat Symbolism, Ritual, and its Political Organization in Eastern Indonesia╱Simonne Pauwels

14. Precious Objects with a Natural Touch: Endangered Species and the Predilection for the Exotic╱Paul Van Der Grijp