Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing
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Offering indispensable insight from experts in the field, Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing, Second Edition provides an introduction to the gas industry and the processes required to convert wellhead gas into valuable natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids products. The authors compile information from the literature, meeting proceedings, and their own work experiences to give an accurate picture of where gas processing technology stands today as well as to highlight relatively new technologies that could become important in the future. The second edition of this bestselling text reflects important advances in gas processing technologies, including those related to liquefied natural gas (LNG).

New to the Second Edition

  • Background information in five new chapters that cover processing principles, pumps, heat transfer, separation processes, and phase separation equipment
  • More discussions of many gas processes
  • Questions and exercises at the end of most chapters to stress important concepts

To help nonengineers understand the technical issues, the first part of the text presents an overview of the basic concepts. The topics covered in this part are applicable throughout the gas, oil, and chemical industries. The second part addresses each step of natural gas processing, with a focus on gas plant processes. The chapters in this section follow the gas stream, from gas bought at the wellhead to gas entering the marketplace. Wherever possible, the authors examine the advantages, limitations, and ranges of applicability of the processes so that their selection and integration into the overall gas plant can be fully understood.

For readers without a background in chemical engineering or who are just entering the field, this book offers a thorough introduction to the natural gas industry. It also helps those in the gas industry better understand how their products and services fit into the overall process.

Arthur J. Kidnay, PhD, PE, is a professor emeritus in the chemical engineering department at the Colorado School of Mines. He has taught and conducted extensive research in the fields of vapor–liquid equilibria, physical adsorption, and heat transfer. A fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Dr. Kidnay has served on the Colorado Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, has been a NATO senior science fellow at Oxford University, and has been a recipient of the Russell B. Scott Memorial Award at the Cryogenic Engineering Conference.

William R. Parrish, PhD, PE, is a retired senior research associate with ConocoPhillips, where he obtained physical properties data needed for new processes and for resolving operation problems. He provided company-wide technical expertise on matters involving physical properties and gas hydrates and participated on six gas plant optimization teams. A fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Dr. Parrish remains actively involved in the development of examinations for professional engineers.

Daniel G. McCartney, PE, provides technical expertise for gas processing, LNG, and sulfur projects at a global engineering, construction, and consulting company. Previously, he worked for over 25 years at Warren Petroleum and Chevron. Mr. McCartney is chair of the Technical Data Development subgroup in the Gas Processors Association and a senior advisory board member for the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference.