Lenny Zero & the Perps of Mega-city One
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It takes a special kind of criminal to survive on the mean streets of Mega-City One. Here are some of the best. Meet Lenny Zero; an ex undercover Judge whose always one step ahead of the game, playing mobsters and the law alike. Slick Dickens, master criminal and style trendsetter is always ahead of the pack. He kills good and looks even better – but can any real person ever be this cool? In the Big Meg’s Barrio Blocks, they call Carlito Agarra the ‘Bato Loco’ or ‘crazy Guy’! Carlito is just trying to make a few dishonest creds, but that’s not so easy when both the mob and the judges are always on your back.
Andy Diggle's "The Losers" was adapted into a major Warner Brothers movie in 2010. He was formerly the editor of 2000 AD. As a writer he channelled extraordinary vision and enthusiasm into the creation of "Lenny Zero" and "Snow/Tiger," both immediate fan-favourites. His first work for a US publisher was with the Sandman/Hellblazer spin-off series "Lady Constantine," after which he co-created "The Losers" to great critical success with his former "Lenny Zero" collaborator Jock, and was subsequently named as one of Entertainment Weekly magazine's "Breakout Stars of 2003". He has since written "Swamp Thing";"Adam Strange";"Silent Dragon" and the launch arc of "Batman Confidential."

Jock is one of 2000 AD’s finest young creators. As well as illustrating "Judge Dredd";"Pulp Sci-Fi";"Tharg the Mighty" and "Tor Cyan", Jock co-created "Lenny Zero" and "The Losers" with Andy Diggle, and is the concept artist of the re-booted 2011 Judge Dredd movie.

Also features stories by writers John Wagner & Alan Grant and artist Greg Staples.