Game Over: How You Can Prosper in a Shattered Economy
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You already know about the devastating recession we're in. Jobs are being cut by the tens of thousands. Real estate values are plummeting. Retirement plans and 401ks are going up in smoke. Then there's the rising cost of inflation. And whether we like it or not, higher gasoline prices again are right around the corner.

Then there's the ever-present confusion and dips in the stock market, and whether we want to admit it or not, the fact that the world is finally beginning to run out essential raw materials, such as silver, titanium, and of course, oil.

Yes, the economy is definitely a wreck. Even worse, according to most experts, our problems are not going to go away soon.

So...are you ready for some good news?

As you will discover in GAME OVER, bestselling author and investment advisor Dr. Stephen Leeb shows you how to not only survive in the current economic maelstrom, but actually find a way to thrive.

Dr. Leeb first tells you how bad things are by exposing the basic suppositions of our institutions, and how quickly outdated they've become. Warning bells are sounding especially for Americans looking forward to a relaxing retirement and living off their savings, investments, Social Security, and Medicare. The time to sit up and take action is now.

in GAME OVER, Dr. Leeb provides a clear-cut and well-crafted financial road map to protect every investor in the years to come. Specifically, he reveals which key investments will steadily rise....the best ways to hedge surging inflation...and which sectors will boom.

Based in NYC, Stephen Leeb is one of the nation's leading experts on financial forecasting and Wall Street trends.