Warfare in the Middle East Since 1945
  • Warfare in the Middle East Since 1945

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  • 作者:Ahron Bregman (EDT)
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  • 出版日:2017/01/01
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From the end of the Second World War and throughout the era that came to be known as the Cold War, the Middle East was a battleground for Great Power rivalries and constant wars. These were fought between Israelis and Arabs, Arabs and Iranians, Arabs and Arabs and also between regional players and outside powers; the region was also the scene of several intense civil wars and insurgencies. The essays gathered in this volume focus on some of the most important facets of these Middle Eastern conflicts. Following a general introduction, the essays are then organised under three major sections. The first focuses on the Arab-Israeli conflict; the second on the Gulf Wars, and the third section concentrates on insurgencies. Together, these essays, all of which were written by leading experts, will provide the reader with a good introduction to warfare in the modern Middle East and show how conflict has shaped the region.
Dr Ahron Bregman is based in the Department of War Studies at King's College London, UK.