From Lifeguard to Sun King: The Man Behind the Banana Boat Success Story
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From Lifeguard to Sun King is a compelling account of the life of Robert Bell; the founder of the Banana Boat sun care brand and one of America's most innovative entrepreneurs. Bell and his co-author Joe Carlen recount how and why his unique approach to product development, distribution, and marketing led him from the lifeguard chair to the throne of the "Sun King": The man who created the Sun Care industry and built a consumer products empire. However, with all its shocking and frequently humorous anecdotes, this business autobiography is about much more than dollars and cents. It is the story of a man who overcame all obstacles to reach "impossible" dreams while having plenty of laughs along the way!
There are few business innovators that personify the American Dream like Robert Bell: Once a middle class kid with poor grades and a rebellious streak, Bell, the founder of the Banana Boat sun care empire, became the model of success. After several mishaps, he started to focus his youthful energies on football and, later, business. Building Banana Boat from, literally, a garage operation to a global consumer products giant, Bell made several fortunes in the sun care industry. His introduction of high SPF sunscreens and other innovations put his products in the front line in the battle against skin cancer; a cause he remains deeply committed to. Honored by Presidents Clinton and George H. W. Bush, Bell is among America's top business leaders.