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Following the convening of Hong Kong International Poetry Nights 2011, WORDS & THE WORLD is a collection of selected works by some of the most internationally acclaimed poets today. Included are the poems of Shuntarō Tanikawa (Japan), Paul Muldoon (Ireland), Tomaž Šalamun (Slovenia), Arkadii Dragomoshchenko (Russia), C. D. Wright (USA), María Baranda (Mexico), Régis Bonvicino (Brazil), Silke Scheuermann (Germany), Bejan Matur (Turkey), Vivek Narayanan (India) as well as leading Chinese poets such as Xi Chuan (Mainland China), Yu Jian (Mainland China), Yu Xiang (Mainland China), Ling Yu (Taiwan), Chen Ko Hua (Taiwan), Lo Chih Cheng (Taiwan), Tian Yuan (China/Japan), Yao Feng (Macau), Wong Leung Wo (Hong Kong) and Yip Fai (Hong Kong). The collection makes a treasured anthology of the finest contemporary poetry in trilingual or bilingual presentation.












1. La gota 雨滴 The Drop
2. Tierras 土地 Lands
3. Fábula de los perdidos 迷失者的寓言 If We Have Lost Our Oldest Tales
4. Cartas a Robinsón 致魯賓遜的信 Letters to Robinson
5. Ficticia I 虛構I Ficticia I
6. Ficticia II 虛構II Ficticia II

1. Imagem impossível 不可能的影像 Image Impossible
2. Poema sério 嚴肅的詩 Serious Poem
3. Tatuagem 紋身 Tattoo
4. Azulejo 藍瓷磚 Blue Tile
5. Caminho de hamster 倉鼠之路 The Hamster’s Way
6. Extinção 瀕臨滅絕 Endangered
7. It’s not looking great! 這看起來不妙! It’s not looking great!
8. Moradores 居民 Residents
9. Página 此頁 Page
10. Prosa 散文 Prose
11. Sem título 無題 Untitled
12. Talvez Seja Um PáÁssaro 也許是一隻飛鳥 Talvez
13. A Luz 光 The Light

1. 丑神──觀馬歇‧馬叟 Clown Spirit―Watching Marcel Marceau
2. 今生 This Life
3. 此刻沒有嬰兒誕生 No Children Are Being Born in This Instant
4. 無眼界 Vision Minus Eyes
5. 無明之淚 unbright tears
6. 寂寞.Autopsy Loneliness‧Autopsy
7. 鋨實驗 Experiment with Osmium
8. 臺灣風景──寫給二十一世紀的陳映真 Taiwan Tableau―To the 21st Century Chen Yingzhen
9. 展開 The Unfolding
10. 我與我的納西色斯 Me and My Narcissus
11. 南京街誌異 Strange Tales of Nanjing Street
12. 無 Nothing

1. Элегия на восхождение пыли 揚塵之哀歌 Elegy on Rising Dust
2. Ludwig Josef Johann Ludwig Josef Johann Ludwig Josef Johann
3. Бумажные сны 紙夢 Paper Dreams
4. Политику 致政治家 To a Statesman

1. 我和我的火車和你 Myself, My Train and You
野地系列 from The Wilderness Series
2. 豐年 Bumper Harvest
3. 逃跑 Run Off
4. 嗩吶 The Sorna Horn
5. 一種存在逼近 An Existential Approximation
6. 與蛇相遇 Encounter with a Snake

1. 93霪雨:致永不消逝的「最後讀者」 The Great Rains of '93―To the Eternal "Last Reader"
2. 恐龍 Dinosaur
3. 寶寶之書 from Letters to My Darling
4. 蒹葭 Rushes
5. 夢中書店 Bookstore in a Dream
6. 地球之島 Earth Island
7. 我 Me
8. 妳 You

1. RÜZGÂR DOLU KONAKLAR 四處是風的別墅 Winds Howl through the Mansions
2. TÖREN GİYSİLERİ 禮服 Ceremonial Robes

1. Dancers at the Moy 莫伊城的舞者
2. Anseo Anseo
3. Why Brownlee Left 布朗李為甚麼走了
4. Lag 滯後
5. Symposium 會飲
6. The Loaf 麵包塊
7. The Ancestor 祖先
8. The Coyote 郊狼
9. Medley for Morin Khur 為馬頭琴作的雜曲
10. A Hare at Aldergrove 樺樹叢邊的一隻野兔

1. A Meeting with the Senior Poet Who Hated Me 與一位恨我的年長詩人會面
2. Short Prayer to Sound 給聲音的短禱文
3. Short Prayer to the Economy 給經濟的短禱文
4. Short Prayer to the Moon 給月亮的短禱文
5. Three Elegies for Silk Smitha 致Silk Smitha的三首輓歌
6. Thief 小偷
7. Homeless Man Washing His Foot in the Bathroom of a Bus Station (Charleston, South Carolina) 流浪漢在車站洗手間洗腳 (北卡羅來那州,查爾斯頓)

1. Andraž 安德拉斯 Andraž
2. Rdeče Rože 紅花 Red Flowers
3. Ljudska 民歌 Folk Song
4. Jelen 鹿 The Deer
5. Brati: Ljubiti 讀:愛 To Read: To Love
6. Riba 魚 The Fish
7. Lak 油漆 Lacquer
8. Golem 致假人 To a Golem
9. Krog in Dokaz Kroga 圓圈以及圓圈的論據 The Circle and The Circle's Argument

1. Träumende Bücher 夢幻書 Dreaming Books
2. Distanz und ein bestimmtes Licht 距離和一種光亮 Distance and a certain light
3. Der Tätowierer 紋身師 The Tattoo Artist
4. Der Tätowierte 刺青之人 The Tattooed
5. Der Wolf oder Die Wege des Bösen kreuzten sich diesmal im Stadtpark 狼 或 城市花園裏交叉的 惡之小徑 The Wolf  or  The Paths of Evil Crossed in the City Park this Time
6. Diesseits ist heut' ein Spaziergang im Schnee 這邊 今日  踏雪去
The Here and Now is Today a Walk in the Snow

谷川俊太郎 Shuntaro Tanikawa
1. 生きる 活着 Living
2. 鳥 鳥 Birds
3. 愛について 關於愛 On Love
4. 空 天空 The Sky
5. 牧歌 牧歌 A Pastoral Song
6. 海 大海 The Sea
7. 色の息遣い 顏色的氣息 The Breaths of Colors
8. ニンジンの栄光 胡蘿蔔的光榮 The Glory of Carrots
9. 海の比喩 海的比喻 The Metaphor of the Sea
10. 頼み 懇求 Request
11. 死んだ男の残したものは 死去的男人遺留下的東西 What The Dead Man Left Behind
12. 灰についての私見 關於灰之我見 A Personal Opinion about Gray
13. 自己紹介 自我介紹 Self-introduction

1. 與鳥有關 Regarding Birds
2. 盲流 Transient
3. 樓梯 Stairway
4. 小鎮 Small Town
5. 深夜 Late at Night
6. 鋼琴 Piano
7. 如歌的行板 Andante Cantabile
8. 墳墓 A Grave

1. 半夜,我在浴室看見你吊在窗花的小鞋──給盈盈 At Midnight, I See Your Shoes in the Bathroom---for Ying Ying
2. 如果我 If I
3. 晨雨 Morning Rain
4. 父親 Father
5. 尚未誕生 Yet Unborn
6. 賣菜的老婦 The Old Woman Selling Vegetables
7. 舊物 Old Things
8. 老人 Old Woman
9. 聖誕老人的故事 The Story of Santa
10. 這是最後一天了 This is the Last Day
11. 銅馬 The Bronze Horse
12. 我以為我們不會再見了 I Thought We Wouldn’t Meet Again
13. 蛇 Python

1. Flame 火焰
2. What Keeps 留下的東西
3. Gift of the Book 書的禮物
4. Privacy 隱私
5. only the crossing counts. 唯有穿越算數。
6. elation washed over our absence toward everything in the increasing darkness. 欣喜將我們的缺席衝向漸增的黑暗中的一切。
7. Like Hearing Your Name Called in a Language You Don't Understand 像聽到你的名字被用一種你不懂的語言叫出
8. Like a Prisoner of Soft Words 像一個柔軟詞語的囚徒
9. Like Having a Light at Your Back You Can't See But You Can Still Feel 像你背後有一盞燈你看不見但你仍感覺得到
10. Poem With Evening Coming On 夜晚正開始的詩
11. Country Station Poem 鄉村車站詩
12. Poem With A Dead Tree 有一棵死樹的詩
13. Poem In Which Her Mortgage Comes Due 在其中她的按揭即將到期的詩
14. One night last summer 去年夏天的一夜
15. Unconditional Love Song 無條件的情歌
16. Obscurity and Elegance 晦澀與優雅
17. Obscurity and Empathy 隱晦與移情

1. 某人 Somebody
2. 鄰居 The Neighbors
3. 我藏著我的尾巴 I Bury My Tail
4. 無關緊要之歌 A Song of No Matter
5. 牆角之歌 A Song of the Corner
6. 熟人 Friends
7. 伴侶 Companion
8. 我奶奶 My Grandma
9. 黃毛 Manes of Yellow
10. 連陰雨 Drizzle
11. 六朝鬼魅 Six Dynasties Ghosts
12. 南詔國梵文磚:仿一位越南詩人 A Sanskrit Brick from Nanzhao (738-937): after a Vietnamese poet
13. 獵鷹、天鵝與珍珠 Falcons, Swans, and Pearls

1. 絕句 (節錄) In Brief (Extracts)

1. 我們活在迷宮那樣的大世界 We Live in a Labyrinth of a World
2. 小鎮和墓園 Town and Cemetery
3. 碼頭 Pier
4. 蓮之食譜 Lotus Recipes
5. 彌敦道 Nathan Road
6. A1頭條 Front-page Headline
7. 那一夜我們圍著爐火烤鞋 The Night We Roasted Our Shoes Around the Stove
8. Aria @ 3:20 pm Aria @ 3:20 pm
9. Aria @ 6:30 pm Aria @ 6:30 pm
10. 龜怨——兩棲動物的千禧奇緣 The Tortoise's Complaint―Love Among Amphibians in the New Millennium
11. 花蟹——花樣/年華/的對倒 Flower Crab―Flower / Youth / Tête-Bêche
12. 珠蚌——對倒的/花樣/年華 Pearl Oyster―Tête-Bêche / Flower / Youth

1. 在深夜 雲南遙遠的一角 At Midnight in a Far Corner of Yunnan
2. 作品112號 Opus 112
3. 速度 Speed
4. 一隻充滿傷心之液的水果 A Fruit Full of Brokenhearted Juice
5. 啤酒瓶蓋 The Beer Bottle-top
7. 對一隻烏鴉的命名 The Naming of a Crow
8. 在漫長的旅途中 On this Endless Journey
9. 一枚穿過天空的釘子 The Nail That Pierced the Sky
10. 這黑暗是絕對的實體…… This Dark an Absolute Substance......
11. 夏天 Summer

1. 理所當然 It Goes Without Saying
2. 我的房子 My House
3. 街頭 Street
4. 繪畫生涯 A Painting Life
5. 低調 Low Key
6. 聖潔的一面 Holy Front
7. 月亮 Moon
8. 陽光照在需要它的地方 Sunlight Shines Where It's Needed
9. 我真的這樣想 I Really Want This
10. 像人一樣 Like Humans
11. 半首詩Half-Poem
12. 我幾乎看到滾滾塵埃 I Can Almost See the Clouds of Dust
13. 口袋裡的詩 Poem in a Pocket
14. 女巫師 Sorceress
15. 撒旦 Satan
16. 洪 Flood
17. 我的詩 My Poem
18. 信 Letter