Human Planet
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An extraordinary companion guide to the next epic natural history documentary series from BBC and Discovery Channel?this time taking the Planet Earth approach to studying humans
In the first natural history documentary series to turn the camera on the human species, Human Planet explains how we have learned to live on every habitat, from our origins in the jungle and our domination of grasslands to the desert, ocean, and rivers; from the challenges of the Arctic mountains to the creation of our own urban environment. But this is also a story about how we have learned to adapt to the most inhospitable landscapes and work in partnership with other animal species. Exploring such diverse experiences as the Bajau sea gypsies, the Korowai tribe of West Papau who live in treehouses, the honey birds in Kenya that lead the Masai people to honey, the men who fish with dolphins in Brazil, and the Papuan tribesmen who mimic the courtship dances of the birds of paradise, this is the remarkable story of our relationship with nature. This series marks the first time the prestigious BBC Natural History Unit has ever filmed the human being, as well as the first time a photographer has accompanied the camera team, providing photographs of extraordinary quality.
Dale Templar was the series producer of Human Planet. She specializes in filming in remote locations with humans and wildlife and has traveled to more than 50 countries in the process. Brian Leith is a BBC executive producer who has worked in wildlife and environment filmmaking for more than 20 years. He was responsible for such BBC series as Ganges, Nature's Great Events, and Wild China, and his award-winning films include Congo, The Cultured Ape, and The Wolf that Changed America. Timothy Allen was the official photographer for Human Planet. He specializes in documenting the diversity of humanity's cultural heritage, working with indigenous communities worldwide. He recently won the One Planet, Many Lives award in the Travel Photographer of the Year and is the winner of six Picture Editors' Guild awards, including the Arts Photographer of the Year Award.