Smart Sex
  • Smart Sex

  • ISBN13:9781890626587
  • 出版社:Univ of Chicago Pr
  • 作者:Jennifer Roback Morse
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  • 出版日:2005/07/30
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Fear is at the heart of the sexual revolution—fear of other people, fear of relationship, fear of permanence—and its most fitting monument is the “hook-up.” In a provocative new book, Jennifer Roback Morse exposes the sexual revolution’s fraudulent promise of freedom and points the way to the most thrilling human adventure of all: life-long love.Morse explains why marriage is in crisis and why we should care. Strong, lasting marriages, she argues, are essential for the survival of a free society, not to mention basic human happiness. She fires the opening shots of a new sexual revolution and shows how everyone, married or single, can help.By the end of the twentieth century, most people had joined the once-radical sexual revolutionaries in embracing a pair of badly flawed ideas—that freedom means being unencumbered by relationships, and that sex is a purely private activity with no moral or social significance. Morse shows how these ideas reduced sex to a commodity—“consumer sex”—and left millions of people miserable.Morse fearlessly explodes some of modern society’s most cherished, and destructive, myths. She argues that reproductive freedom is an illusion, recreational sex isn’t really fun, and sex is neither morally neutral nor essentially private. She offers a radically different yet compelling view of sex, based on the law of self-giving inscribed in our human nature.A practical book by a practical woman, Smart Sex is about why and how to stay married. While most books on relationships deal with feelings and communication, Smart Sex is focused on the nature and meaning of sex and marriage, leading the reader to an appreciation of the demanding yet rewarding commitments they require.

Jennifer Roback Morse?is a renowned marriage and family scholar. She is the author of Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village and of numerous major academic and public-policy articles for journals ranging from the Journal of Economic History to Forbes, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal.