Health Workforce Governance
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With increasing recognition of the international market in health professionals and the impact of globalism on regulation, the governance of the health workforce is moving towards greater public engagement and increased transparency. This book discusses the challenges posed by these processes such as improved access to health services and how structures can be reformed so that good practice is upheld and quality of service and patient safety are ensured. With contributions from regulators, academics, lawyers and health professionals, this book presents arguments from multiple perspectives and is of global relevance.
Stephanie D. Short is the Professor of Health Sciences at The University of Sydney. She leads the health governance program within the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, a joint initiative of the United Nations University, Griffith University and the QUT Faculty of Law in association with the Australian National University and convenes HealthGov, a division of the Australian Research Council Governance Research Network. Prof. Short is Executive Director of the Governing Council of the International Consortium for Governance Research on the Health Workforce. Fiona McDonald is a Senior Lecturer in Queensland University of Technology's Law Faculty. Her research focuses on health system governance and has four broad themes: professionals; institutions; research; and patient safety.