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In this book, Jeffrey Kottler and Jon Carlson turn their well-polished therapy microscopes onto the subjects of lying, falsehood, deceit, and the loss of trust in the counseling room. What do clients lie about and why? When do therapists mislead or withhold information from their clients? What does it all mean? In their exploration of this taboo material, the authors interview and share stories from dozens of their peers from all practice areas and modalities and ranging from neophytes to established master practitioners. Their stories and reflections cast some light on this fascinating topic and will help to start a more honest dialogue about difficult subject matter.
Kottler, Carlson, What is Truth in Psychotherapy? Kottler, How Well do We Really Know Oue Clients? Carlson, Why I do What I do. Brooks, Treating Traditional Men: From Believer to Skeptic (And Back Again). Oren, Opportunities with a Side of Fries. Grzegorek, Smoke and Mirrors. Rosenthal, When Therapists Lie to Promote Their Own Agendas. Sperry, Duped, Drugged, and Eaten: Working with the Jeffrey Dahmers of the World. Dunham, The Client with Amnesia. O'Hanlon, Credit Denied and Denial. Hoyt, Never Ever - I Love You! Stevens, The Dance of Optimism and Skepticism. Helm, Grateful for the Lessons Learned. Burns, Cheating at Solitaire. Rochlen, What Clients Talk About - and What They Don't. Moore, Saving Private Joe. Dermer, Rita's Rib and a Puzzle Decoded. Ellis, Running out of Gas When You have a Long Way to Go. Vernon, Weighing in with the Truth. Barnett, Learning from Lies at the Therapist's School of Hard Knocks. Duncan, Cut the Crap: Tall Tales and the Value of Lies. Robey, The Terrible, Awful, Unspeakable Secret - and How it Changed Me. Barletta, Seduced by an Act of Omission. Zagelbaum, Too Much of a Good Thing. Eckstein, Managing Conflict Between Two Partners. Bitter, Mistakes Worth Enduring. Knaus, The Man who Tried too Hard to Act Cool. Peluso, I'm Not Easily Fooled. Nezu, Lost in a Quagmire of Agenda. Rabinowitz, Calling Jack's Bluff. Duba, A Puzzle with Missing Pieces. Reicherzer, The Transgender Women in the Pink Wheelchair. Krug, A Veil of Self-Deception. Waller, Clients Telling the Truth as They Know It. Stricker, I Still Wonder What Happened. Asha, In Defense of Naivety. Smith, The One Truth: He Didn't Want to be a Business Major. Fishman, Duped and Recouped. Walsh, Espionage and Orphans: Lies have Deep Truth. Niles, Fiction, Myth, and Illusions of Truth. Kottler, Carlson, What does being Duped Mena in the Practice of Psychotherapy?