Rethinking High School
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Organized around eleven fundamental choices that all secondary schools must make, this book serves as a checklist, an agenda, and a study guide for high school reform.
HARVEY DANIELS has been a city and suburban classroom teacher, and now serves a professor of interdisciplinary studies at National-Louis University in Chicago. In language arts, Smokey is best known for his work on student book clubs, as recounted in Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups. His book has been credited with starting the book club boom in classrooms around the countrytoday, millions of American students are engaged in student-led book discussion groups. Daniels is also co-author of A Community of Writers, which describes a balanced writing program, blending strong teacher-directed lessons with genuinely student-driven workshops. His latest book, due in Fall of 2003, will address reading in the content areas. Through the Center for City Schools, Harvey works with a network of 15 improving elementary schools in Chicago. In 1996, Daniels co-founded the citys first new high school in 30 years, named for and designedDr. MARILYN BIZAR is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Secondary Education at National-Louis University in Chicago. A former public school teacher, Marilyn collaborates with a network of 12 Chicago public schools, the Best Practice Network, seeking to implement authentic and challenging teaching methods in classrooms. Along with a team of full-time teacher-leaders, the network offers classroom consulting, staff development workshops, and leadership development for teachers, principals and parents. In 1995, Marilyn helped found the Best Practice High School, a 450-student Chicago Public School that demonstrates on a daily basis, that classroom methodology can make a difference for kids and teachers. Marilyn has co-authored four books, including Methods That Matter with Harvey Daniels, School Leadership in Times of Urban Reform with Rebecca Barr, and Rethinking High School, co-authored with Harvey Daniels and Steve Zemelman, which chronicles the challenge