Transnational Legal Processes and Human Rights
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This book investigates how the construction and evolution of human rights norms are transferred in transnational legal settings and asks whether law should reflect, express or control any given aspect of culture. It will be of value to those working in the areas of transnational and comparative law, as well as those concerned with human rights and the intersection of law and cultural difference.
Kyriaki Topidi, PhD is a Senior Lecturer and Senior Researcher at the School of Law of the University of Lucerne. She teaches courses and researches on religious rights and has a research background in minority protection and EU law. She has published widely in these areas. Lauren Fielder, JD, LL.M. Professor Fielder teaches African Law, Protection of Vulnerable Groups and Transnational Litigation at the University of Lucerne, where she is the assistant director of the Transnational Legal Studies Program. She writes and speaks about human rights issues in Africa. She studied at the University of Texas in Austin.