Easy Listening (Pre-Int) with MP3 CD/1片
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Easy Listening is a comprehensive introduction to English listening skills designed to help students understand and respond in real-life situations. Using real spoken English and themes relevant to students’ lives, from starting a new semester to meeting friends online, this book guides students through the steps needed to improve their English skills until LISTENING becomes EASY!

Within each unit, you’ll find a wealth of techniques and exercises, accompanied by engaging and integrative graphics, focused on developing a well-rounded listener.

•A warm up helps students relate the unit’s topic to their own lives.
•Two real-life scenarios with a wide range of listening comprehension and listening discrimination exercises foster multidimensional listening strategies.
•Listening notes highlight listening tips that students can remember easily and apply in their own listening situations.
•Vocabulary exercises add to students’ growing lexicons and give them practice with key words.
•Grammar notes and exercises strengthen students’ skills and reinforce lessons in easy-to-grasp bites.
•Pronunciation tips help students better understand native-spoken English and make their own English more natural and fluid.
•Group speaking activities encourage students to think more deeply about the topic, draw on their own experiences, and put the skills they’ve learned to use in natural conversations.