Cars ─ Leveled Stories for Beginning Readers
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Disney Reading Adventures is a curriculum-based, leveled reading program that offers children the support and guidance they need as they progress on the reading continuum from emergent readers to independent readers who read for meaning. Thoughtfully crafted and engaging stories contain key features that develop children's reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. The stories are highly predictable with repetitive sentence structures and easy-to-read sight words designed to inspire a sense of mastery and confidence. Includes ten, 16-page books, 86 stickers, parent letter, and achievement certificate.

Key Selling Points
SOUND PEDAGOGY: Developed by educational experts and literacy consultants, this boxed set of Level 1 readers offers children the support and guidance they need by including stories that:

contain familiar topics close to a young child's world
contain predictable stories with easy-to-follow beginnings, middles, and endings
contain repetitive words, phrases, or patterns
have a strong picture-text match
have illustrations that fully support meaning
have a consistent layout of print and pictures

PROGRESSIVE LEARN-TO-READ SKILL-BUILDING PROGRAM: This boxed set contains ten stories that are thoughtfully crafted to support beginning readers' developing reading, comprehension, and vocabulary skills and help inspire a sense of mastery and confidence.

ENGAGING STORIES: Each story in the series touches upon themes and concepts familiar to a child's world and empowers the reader to think strategically about their reading with confidence and enthusiasm. Stories in the series bring forth the Disney Difference: delightful stories and engaging illustrations designed to inspire a lifelong love of reading.