The Rookie
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The shadows of greatness can be blinding. We have this idea of what we’re supposed to be. What happens when that changes? Arie Levi is living the life her mother lived. Same sport, same drama, and even less time for the family she so desperately needs right now. Her new husband, Easton Levi, is battling it out as a NASCAR triple threat in all three premier divisions and faced with the same drama his father-in-law fought so hard to avoid. Arie’s never been for the spotlight but would rather be in the shadows. In a twist of secrets and lies, she finds herself back home wondering what’s real and trustworthy in her life. Being back home is exactly what she needs, and what her mother needs as well. An unlikely bond is finally formed when another is breaking. Soon Arie finds herself in the arms of an old flame there to catch her when she’s falling. Through the smoke, the truth between what Arie needs and what she believes in revealed in ways she never expected. Does Arie find out what it really means to have family by your side? Or does she run from the only truth she knows to avoid more heartache?