Bread and a Dog
  • Bread and a Dog

  • ISBN13:9780714870489
  • 出版社:Phaidon UK
  • 作者:Kuwahara Natsuko
  • 裝訂/頁數:平裝/112頁
  • 出版日:2015/10/05
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Curiosity. Longing. Hunger. Bread and a Dog is a quirky photographic journey into the psychic trauma of living with a professional food stylist. . . as a dog. Japanese food stylist Kuwahar Natsuko photographs her breakfast, laid out every morning, in beautifully arranged aerial tableaus with an unexpected twist, her omnipresent, exceptionally well-trained dog. Through 100 pho-tographs, readers will delight not only in Natsuko's delicious meals served on beautiful dish-es, glassware and flatware, but in the dog's enthrallment with what is happening on the table above him.

Presented as a sequence of photographs, the book concludes with recipes for each breakfast, and tips and tricks on food photography from Natsuko herself.

A quirky, photographic exploration of two beloved subjects: breakfasts and dogs

Taps into the popularity of two of Instagram's hottest trends: food and pet photography.

Includes recipes and tips for successful and stylish breakfasts from the author, a professional food stylist.

100 charming photographs of an adorable dog taken from a refreshing and relatable point of view. Perfect gift or impulse buy for animal or food lovers.

Natsuko Kuwahara is a Japanese food stylist. She started her career as a cook in a bakery kitchen. She turned freelance as a food stylist in 2004. Her recipes and her natural table styling quickly became popular in magazines, and now she is active in magazines, books, and advertisements.